Dear Brazil buyers: Since the release of the new Brazilian customes policy in August 2018,The local post office has begun implementing new customs clearance procedures for Brazilian customers..The local practices have been changed from partical mail processing fees to full collection,as detailed below:

-Brazilian guests who choose to register for non-Epacket and aliexpress standard shipping will be charged an additional fee to retrieve the package.As detailed below:

1.For low-value shipments-less than $50 for mail.15 BR clearance processing fee per ticket(15 Brazilian Reals for US$4 USD).The postman charges this money to consigneed when they delivevy.

2.For high-value shipments-shipments over $50,the Brazilian Post Office will report separately and the recipient will be charged a BRF 15(about $3.50)customs clearance fee,as well aspayment of relevant VAT and imports tax.Postmant charges this money to consignees when they do the delivery.

3.We recommend that Brazilian customers buy more products at once when shopping, which is more cost-effective.

4.Hope that every buyer can actively cooperate with us to cooperate with the local post office policy and take the initiative to pay the parcel processing fee. Otherwise, the parcel will be rejected and returned. We will not refund the shipping fee!Thank you for your cooperation!

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